Not only do we provide a first class wedding entertainments experience but we also like to add that little bit of extra magic to make it that bit more special! Please have a look at our enhancements and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Mr & Mrs / Love Sign

Whatever special occasion you are celebrating my giant light up letters (LOVE, Mr & Mrs etc.) and numbers will add the wow factor to your event and be a real talking point.

Our 4ft light up letters and numbers are handcrafted in the UK and they make an amazing feature for any event. We will deliver, professionally install, and collect. They will certainly make a statement and impress your guests by adding that extra touch to your event.

Our light up letters or numbers makes the perfect addition to a Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Event.  The bulbs can also be changed to a variety of colours to match your theme (extra charge applies). 

You’re safe in the knowledge that as well as our lights being the highest quality on the market, they’re all PAT electrical tested and I have £10m public liability insurance.

Mr & Mrs Letters Glasgow
Love Letters Glasgow
Enhancements Saxophone DJ


What’s cooler than having your guests entertained at your wedding, during the reception, to the sound of a live, professional, wedding saxophone player!?

Our super cool and super experienced Saxophone player will accompany the classics as they are played on the dance floor, having your guests left in awe to the sounds of one of the best instruments ever invented!

With their adaptable, freestyle approach, our Sax player will use their intuition and ear for music to play along to dance floor classics .

We can also provide an accompanying bongo player to add even more to your event

Please contact us for further information and availability and pricing.

Selfie Wizard

The Selfie Wizard allows Guests at an event to upload photos from their own mobile phones to display on a TV slide show and with the option to produce instant prints. The modern day alternative to ‘Disposable Cameras on Tables’:

Wouldn’t you love to see the photos your guests had been taking on their phones during your wedding or event?!

All the funny selfies, photos of guests doing something silly or group photos during a drinks reception

Why not book our brand new Selfie Wizard?! 

Your guests only need their phones & we supply everything else to create a TV slide show of your event photos for guests to view during the drinks reception, meal or evening celebrations.

We can even print the photos so that you & your guests get a printed memento!

1) Connect to our Wi-Fi
2) Type SELFIE/ into your browser
3) SMILE, take a Selfie and upload it to our GIANT TV screen
All photos will be uploaded to our gallery
Get in touch today it would be great to chat with you!



Works with any smartphone or device

No apps or software to downloaNo passwords, accounts or email needed

Simple intuitive and quick to use

Instantly share your pics to  TV 


Added entertainment and fun for everybody

Pictures and TV show can be branded with logos or personal messages, even emoji’s

Modern day alternative to disposable cameras on tables

All your guests will be photographers for the day adding informal and fun photos to your memories.

Quick to setup and takes hardly any room, needs no internet or WI-FI

Enhancements Selfie Wizard
Enhancements Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

What a better way to get the party started than with an explosion of confetti over the whole dance floor!

To really celebrate you need a confetti cannon that will fill the air with a giant cloud of confetti perfect for the first dance at a wedding.

We can provide you with even more fun by throwing in an extra party favour – confetti canons. Confetti and streamer launchers are a safe way to create pyrotechnic special effects without the needs of regulations and an outdoor area.

If you like the look of fireworks, confetti cannons will give you just that effect except at a lower cost and a much safer experience you can do indoors.

Confetti cannons are also a popular way to set off a surprise party, or to end off an amazing evening or special dance.

Launch showers of streamers and confetti that will be burst into mid-air during a birthday party, wedding, prom, or even an exciting anniversary party!

Dancing on the Clouds

We have the perfect effect that will make your first dance one that your guests will remember for many years to come, our beautiful effect, Dancing on the Clouds.

This effect is one of our most popular enhancement and is a fantastic photo opportunity which will amaze your guests.

The “Dancing on the Clouds” effect is mainly suited for your first dance and creates the same effect that you will see on popular TV programmes such as X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and even Top of the Pops.

The cloud is created using real dry ice, not low lying fog fluid or ice cubes.

The clouds last for the duration of your song, the effect will be talked about all evening but the memories of you Dancing on the Clouds will last a lifetime.

*Please note that some venues may be reluctant for this safe and harmless effect to be used at your event.

This is NOT a smoke machine and the plumes consist of frozen co2 gas (the gas we breathe out). Due to its nature, it stays close to the ground and anything above knee level evaporates immediately. This means that smoke detectors/fire alarms WILL NOT be effected.

We will be more than happy to speak with your wedding venue regarding this effect.

All you have to do is to contact us to enquire about having your first dance on the clouds

“We have seen the Dancing on the Clouds effect many times when we watched X-Factor, BGT or Top of the Pops and never imagined it would feature at our wedding. We were so happy to have Fresh Entertainments come along and provide this stunning effect at our special day and it made our first dance photographs absolutely amazing!

Our wedding coordinator wasn’t sure that it would be that great as it may have set off their fire alarms. This was not an issue due to Fresh using real dry ice and not just smoke. I can honestly say that the first dance could not have looked any more stunning than it was. I would thoroughly recommend you hire this if you are thinking of it!” – Gemma & David, Marhall Wedding
Enhancements Scottish Toastmaster

Scottish Toastmaster

We are proud members of the Association of Scottish Toastmasters.

This really is a special addition to your special day or event and from initial meeting till the end of your event, we take great pride in making sure your day is handled with professionalism and dedication.


After all the planning and preparations, you will want your Wedding Reception to run smoothly, and that’s where a Professional Toastmaster will be of great benefit.

With a wealth of experience, the Scottish Toastmaster will co-ordinate the entire event, and also resolve any minor problems.
Our Toastmasters liaise with everyone involved to ensure the day is run exactly as you wish.

From the arrival of Guests to the first dance, your Toastmaster will

Ensure that the wedding breakfast is conducted with attention to protocol.
Free the Banqueting Manager and staff to concentrate on the catering arrangements
Help photographers and video film crews to create a memorable visual record of the proceedings.
Add a traditional and colourful touch to a wedding.
Provide “peace of mind” for parents, and bride and groom.

Your Toastmaster will perform many additional duties, including

Informing Guests of the order of proceeding
Organising and Introducing the Receiving Line
Cutting the Cake with Ceremony
Announcing all the Speeches and Toasts

Even before your Big Day, your Toastmaster can offer advice on timings, speeches, etiquette, and will be only too happy to discuss your plans in detail.The Toastmaster’s traditional uniform, complete with red tail-coat, adds an extra splash of colour to the occasion.

Coupled with professional conduct, tact and expertise, your Wedding Reception will be in safe and reliable hands.

For more information on the Association of Scottish Toastmasters, please click here


LED uplighting or mood lighting is a great way of changing or enhancing the look of a plain function room or marquee, and creating the ultimate “wow” factor! It is one of the most effective and elegant enhancements to add colour, warmth and elegance to your wedding venue.

With LED mood lighting you can choose to up-light the full venue, part of the venue or just highlight certain aspects of the room such as pillars, fireplaces or alcoves.

Mood lighting can be set to match your particular theme to create a fantastic effect!

We make beautiful venues stunning!

We now have battery operated mood lights which really speed up the set up time and means there will be no messy wires or extension reels around the room!

Enhancements wedding mood lighting

Name Monogram

Personalised name projection involves cutting a personalised design in a metal or glass plate, beautifully created in Italy.

This plate is then inserted into a special lighting fixture and the design is projected onto a wall or the dance floor…with your details on it!

This added personalised enhancement makes your special event even more unique.

To discuss your event further, please get in touch.

Enhancements name monogram
Enhancements Smartphone Quiz

Smartphone Quiz

So forget your traditional quiz, SpeedQuizzing is the ultimate quizzing experience for weddings and events. Paper, pens and cheating is now a thing of the past, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and you are ready for an awesome interactive quiz experience.

The SpeedQuizzing system has changed the way people today approach quiz events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great British pub quizto evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

SpeedQuizzing can be used in numerous ways for corporate events. Either as a source of entertainment after a long day of seminars or you can use the technology as part of training sessions. The possibilities are almost endless. Whether you choose to have a general knowledge quiz as entertainment or a bespoke quiz created to help consolidate learning we can provide an experienced host to facilitate and entertain. 

If you would like to have the smartphone quiz experience at your next event, please email us 

Tomfoolery Box

At a predesignated time (worked out by yourself and us), a mysterious flight case is carried by two volunteers to the very centre of the dancefloor. There it is left for all to marvel at and speculate about (the contents, at this stage, are only known to the organisers and ourselves). The Tomfoolery Box has been pimped to look like it’s been delivered straight out of Jurassic Park! It sports a dangerous-looking livery with distressed timber effect surfaces, black and yellow warning tape and messages asking guests to ‘keep out’ and ‘stand clear’. The word ‘TOMFOOLERY’ is of course centre-stage on the lid.

So as the lid is lifted and the fun spills out: between 60 and 100 party props are rammed into the box! Some inflatables are already blown up ready to fly out upon opening, others are ready to be inflated by the guests.

We include everything from the standard guitars, saxes and mics to bananas, crutches, boom boxes, barbells and tommy guns… all inflatable! There’s also plenty of crazy headwear, from animal (elephant, monkey and piranha) to traffic cone and Where’s Wally hats! I also usually include the full Village People head gear collection – helmets and caps – along with amazing wigs, a great selection of huge glasses and plenty of noise-making instruments.

And the best bit? Your guests can keep the lot!

Letting guests keep the props also results in a memorable post-party exodus as they stagger home in full ‘tomfoolery mode’.


Enhancements Tomfoolery Box
Enhancements Ceremony Music

Ceremony Music

Are you thinking of using our services for your wedding ceremony music?
You can let your imagination run free. In fact we absolutely encourage it! Whether you want a traditional or unconventional ceremony we have lots of ideas. We want for your wedding to be as unique as you are.
We provide music for….

  • Pre-Ceremony Music – 30 Minutes of Music to Create The Perfect Atmosphere.
  • The Processional – When You Walk Down The Isle.
  • The Signing of The Register.
  • The Recessional – When You Leave As Husband and Wife
  • Post-Ceremony Music.

Discrete high quality equipment. We can provide our services at your chosen venue, indoor or outdoor.

Our experience and knowledge is vast and if you are not sure what you want or need, ‘relax’ as we are here to help make it fun, successful and better than you can imagine it.

Wedding Cars

Available from February 2021

We are equipped with some of the finest cars available for Wedding Car Hire & transportation in Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Ayrshire, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Our small but beautiful fleet include Amelie, a classic 1953 Citroen Traction Avant and Bella, the most recognised and thought of American classic muscle machine. She is a 1955 Buick Special (Marty McFly not included).

What better way to travel to and from your big day in a stylish fashion.


Citroen Traction Avant 1953


Buick Pontiac 1955

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