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Your wedding is going to be the best one that you have ever been to! Why is that? You have planned your special day down to a tee but how do you make your wedding stand out from the many others that you and your guests have been to.

Fresh Entertainments, Wedding DJ Scotland, provides professional, specialist entertainment for your perfect wedding day. We know that you’ve got a lot to arrange leading up to the big day so we’re here to help and make the planning easy and fun.

Imagine if there was someone who could carefully walk you through your options, help you decide on which elements are perfect for your ideal wedding entertainment and assist you in creating a unique and fun atmosphere that you and your guests will love. 

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Weddings are what we do best!

After the dust has settled and memories of the day slightly fade, what has been one of the main memories of the wedding experience you had at a wedding you were at in the past? Was it the flowers, how tasty the cake was, remembering if you had the beef or chicken or was it how good/bad the entertainment was?

One of the main topics of conversation days, weeks, months, years after your wedding is how much fun your guests had. We believe it is so important to have the right entertainment that is going to deliver exactly what you are looking for. What magic ingredients can you include to spark life into the most important party that you are likely to ever plan and how to do you deliver all the key elements?

These are just some of the questions you’ll find the answers to and having

Stop looking and start planning! We have so many successful and happy clients to our name. At Fresh Entertainments, we tailor your entertainment to suit your requirements. From the first dance to the last dance, we guarantee to create a truly memorable experience for you both as well as all of your guests.

We don’t want your wedding reception to be ordinary, we want it to be EXTRAORDINARY! We will make sure that your entertainment is full of fun, emotion, laughter, love, romance and memories. We will wow your guests and from the first dance to the last, we will make sure your special day is one no one will forget and will talk about for years to come.


Fresh is an absolutely brilliant wedding DJ company and their experience of this particular type of event was evident. They got to know us beforehand, talking through our ideas and requests. We wish future couples as much fun and happiness on their wedding day as we had! Thank you Fresh Entertainments for everything!”

If all of the above has stirred your interest in having us at your wedding, the next best thing to do is to contact us or allow us to call you and have a chat or a face to face meeting. You will get a real feel for everything and how we can make your wedding stand out from the many others you have been to and will ever go to again!

Wedding Planning Help

To help you research and plan your special day, please download our wedding guide which has some interesting facts and history.

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Arrange a virtual chat

To arrange a “virtual” meeting with us to chat the vision you have for your day and how you can see the energy and fun happening, schedule a client meeting with us below or contact us. This isn’t a hard sell, its us having an informal chat about your day.

After booking with us, you’ll receive your login and password to access all of your online planning tools to help plan your day. 

We make planning your event simple with easy fill in the blank worksheets, timeline, music picker, and many more helpful tools. Your tools are completely web-based and mobile friendly. This means you can access them from your computer, phone or tablet. 

You’ll now be able to edit and change every aspect of your event yourself, anytime until 1 week before the special date.

Emotional bride at her wedding ceremony at Lochside Hotel New Cumnock

Samantha & Martin - Situated In Glasgow city centre is the stunning @malmaison_glasgow which is where Samantha & Martin got married. Talk about an amazing venue, so lovely and the food is one of the best we have had! The newlyweds were brilliant and so were the guests! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Elmslie #weddingdjglasgow #malmaisonhotel #malmaisonglasgow #weddingdj ...

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Wedding inductees for Wedding Guests of the Year 2022! ...

8 1

Samantha & Lewis - on a nice sunny day, there is no more idillic place to be than in Ayrshire. Imagine getting married at the @hotelwaterside which is where Samantha & Lewis tied the knot! There was great chemistry between the newlyweds and the guests! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Print! #watersidehotelayrshire #ayrshirewedding #ayrshireweddingdj #weddingdjayrshire #watersideayrshire ...

4 0

Kirsten & Scott - We were at @dalduffbarnweddings for the wedding of Kirsten & Scott. What a cracking venue and such lovely people! Konrad our sax player made an appearance as well. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Moore! #daldufffarmwedding #daldufffarm #weddingdjayr #weddingdjayrshire #ayrshirewedding ...

13 1

Claire & Michael - wow, Scotland really has some stunning venues and @venacharlochside really is beautiful! Set on the banks of Loch Venachar, we were there to entertain the friends and family of Claire & Michael. We were there with our Saxophone player Konrad .The staff are the venue were so lovely and we can’t wait to go back! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Warner! #venacharlochside #venacharlochsidewedding #saxophonedj #venacharsaxophonedj #scotland ...

7 0

Chantelle & Ross - We were at the @doubletreebyhiltonqueensferry for the wedding of Chantelle & Ross. It was a beautiful day and in the most historical areas of Scotland! We provided the all day hosting and had an appearance from our saxophone player. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Muir! #doubletreehiltonqueensferry #edinburgh #northqueensferry #forthrailbridge #weddingdjedinburgh #edinburghweddingdj ...

8 2

Chantel & Chris - We were at @theparsonageatdunmorepark for the almighty wedding of @chantelmcxx and Chris. Wedding couples and guests don’t get any better than this! The first dance was very special as it was totally created to mix in two songs and a confetti cannon that Chantel had wanted..amazing!Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Quinn! #parsonagewedding #weddingdj #weddingdjscotland ...

19 4

Dianne & Steven - We love entertaining at @thecruin on the banks of Loch Lomond! We entertained the wedding of Dianne & Steven which was literally laughs and fun all night! Congratulations to the beautiful Mr & Mrs MacNeill #thecruin #thecruinlochlomond #thecruinwedding #lochlomond #lochlomondwedding ...

11 0

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate us in the @yourscottishwedding awards 2022! Beyond delighted is an understatement! We just love weddings and events and truly want to give each and every couple the best wedding experience ever! #yourscottishweddingawards ...

6 0

Congratulations to Lauren & Jamie who celebrated their wedding at @glenskirlie_castle with us and our saxophone DJ package! Even before the cake, which was beautifully made by Lauren’s mum, the party was in full flow! Congratulations from all of us at Fresh! #glenskirliecastle #glenskirliecastlewedding #weddingdjscotland #glenskirliecastledj ...

13 4

Rhian & Liam - we were at the @lochlomondarmshotel for the wedding of Rhian & Liam. It truly was a glorious day, sun shining with joy and laughter all day. Special mention to the Welsh contingent that made their way up north. From the cermony with @thehighlandcelebrant to the evening party, it was awesome! It was great working with @simonsstudio_ congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Reid! #lochlomomdarmshotel #lochlomond #lochlomondandtrossachsnationalpark #lochlomondwedding #weddingatlochlommond #lochlomondweddingdj ...

10 2

Kyle & Tom - One of our favourite venues in Glasgow is @cottiersglasgow which feels so gothic and very unique! The guests were absolutely amazing and each and every request was a classic! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mr Arkless-Sharp!
#cottiers #cottierswedding #cottiersglasgow #cottiersweddingdj

17 3

Jennifer & Perry - We love Ayrshire and a good wedding..bring it together and you have Jennifer & Perry’s wedding at @roodleabarn ! It was absolutely brilliant and to see guests up..all night, you know it’s a classic! The song of between England & Scotland was top notch! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Burns! #roodleabarn #roodleabarnwedding #ayrshirewedding #ayrshireweddingdj ...

5 0

Jodie & Angus - honestly, can weddings get any better or more fun?! We were at the @lodgeonlochlomond with our saxophone dj package and it was EPIC! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Livingstone!#lodgeonlochlomond #lodgeonlochlomondwedding #lochlomond #lochlomondweddingdj #lodgeonlochlomondweddingdj ...

23 3

Craig & Lynsey - we were at the @abbotsfordhotel in Dumbarton for the fantastic wedding of Craig & Lynsey! Such a lovely venue and the newlyweds with their guests were awesome! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Denny! #abbotsfordhotel #weddingdumbarton ...

6 0

Lyndsay & Curtis - Honestly, one of the most fun, varied and amazing weddings we have performed at, at the stunning @lodgeonlochlomond ! We had to wait a year for the night to happen, thanks to the ‘Rona. The music requests from Lyndsay & Curtis were epic and literally non stop fun the whole night. A very special mention to Max who kept us entertained the whole night:) congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Neil! #lodgeonlochlomond #lochlomond #lodgeonlochlomonddj #weddinglochlomond ...

16 2

Debbie & Lee - what do you get if you mix crazy party people, the amazing @lodgeonlochlomond and a cracking wedding with our saxophone player? The wedding of Debbie & Lee, that’s what you get! It really was our pleasure and honour to dj at the Lodge for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Morrison! Congratulations!!! #lodgeonlochlomond #lodgeonlochlomondwedding #lodgeonlochlomonddj #lochlomondwedding ...

11 0

Rebecca & Nathan - another east coast venue we love is @thecowshedcrail ! Rebecca & Nathan and their guests were just so up for a good night and we came away drained but loving the party we entertained at. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Cannon! #cowshed #cowshedcrail #cowshedcrailwedding #standrewswedding #crailwedding #scottishdj ...

3 0

Fiona & Graham - One area we love going to the the east coast of Scotland and entertaining lovely people at @falside_mill ! We were there for the wedding of Fiona & Graham and Falside is a jewel, near St Andrews! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Ross! #falsidemill #falsidemillwedding #standrewswedding #standrewsweddingdj #eastcoastdj ...

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