Terms and Conditions

Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice. Still, Fresh Entertainments will uphold all agreed terms and conditions with the CLIENT.  


The term “CLIENT” describes the person booking the event- individual, event organiser, venue coordinator, agency, etc. “We” refers to Fresh Entertainments, not a person or an individual.


Fresh Entertainments Scotland Ltd (SC430676)


  1. Booking Process


  1. Bookings with Fresh Entertainments are only secure once the non-refundable reservation fee has been received.
  2. CLIENT must notify Fresh Entertainments of any reservation fee payments.  The reservation fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. 
  3. The reservation fee payment details will be sent with a booking form. Fresh Entertainments requests that the booking form be completed within 14 days of receipt and emailed back to Fresh Entertainments. 
  4. Fresh Entertainments will then use the CLIENT’S completed booking form details to create a contract.  The contract will be emailed via Adobe E-sign and signed by the CLIENT, then Fresh Entertainments.  The CLIENT must sign the contract within 14 days of receipt.
  5. Non-signing the contract does not stipulate that the CLIENT disagrees with the terms & conditions in the agreement; this is decided upon by paying the initial reservation fee. 
  6. The CLIENT will be emailed a copy of the signed contract once Fresh Entertainments has initially signed it, and after that, the CLIENT.
  7. The CLIENT first agrees to Fresh Entertainments’ terms and conditions by paying the reservation fee.  By completing the booking form, paying the reservation fee and signing the subsequent Adobe E-sign contract sent to you electronically, you, the CLIENT, acknowledge that you have read and agreed to Fresh Entertainments’ terms & conditions.
  8. The CLIENT will be emailed a login for the online planner once the contract has been signed.  This MUST be completed at the latest seven days before the hire date; at this stage, the planner will automatically close. Fresh Entertainments can extend this period but only under certain circumstances. 
  9. Fresh Entertainments events coordinator is available for telephone and email communication throughout the CLIENT planning their event.  Office hours are Monday to Thursday, 10 am-5 pm, Friday, 10 am-3 pm and closed Saturday & Sunday due to events. 
  10. Fresh Entertainments can change any arranged virtual client meetings, but this would only be due to extreme circumstances.  
  11. The CLIENT must pay the entire balance for Fresh Entertainments at least four weeks before the hire date.  The CLIENT must email Fresh Entertainments the final balance transfer.  Fresh Entertainments will confirm receipt of the final balance via email.
  12. Fresh Entertainments will inform the CLIENT of the DJ to perform at their event four weeks before. 
  13. WEDDINGS: At this stage, a meeting will be organised for the DJ to speak with the CLIENT to discuss the online planner.  Should the CLIENT wish to meet with their DJ, Fresh Entertainments will manage this (subject to availability).  A maximum 1-hour meeting will be arranged near the Fresh Entertainments base in Renfrew.  Fresh Entertainments can organise a Zoom Call with the CLIENT’S DJ.
  14. Bookings are not transferable



  1. Payment Details


  1. Financial settlement is to be paid in two sections: a non-refundable reservation fee for all events is required when booking and the remaining balance is four weeks before the hire date.  Verbal agreements will not be entered.  Fresh Entertainment operates strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  2. CLIENT must notify Fresh Entertainments via email of the non-refundable reservation fee transfer. 
  3. Where bookings are made less than four weeks before the event date, the total cost is due at the time of booking.
  4. Hire of Fresh Entertainments within Glasgow is included in the hire cost.  Distances greater than this may incur a travel charge; this will be included in the initial quote.
  5. If the venue is more than 70 miles from our base, a complimentary double room (en-suite), including breakfast, in a Premier Inn or similar will be required for Fresh Entertainments due to health & safety reasons and is to be arranged and paid for by the CLIENT (Please discuss this with Fresh Entertainments before booking a room). Confirmation of arranged accommodation must be emailed to Fresh Entertainments 2 weeks before the event date.  Reservations MUST be made under the name of FRESH ENTERTAINMENTS.
  6. Fresh Entertainments recommends BACS transfer for all payments as there are no extra charges to the CLIENT. 


Account details are:


Account Name: Fresh Entertainments Scotland Ltd

Account Number: 12221064

Sort Code: 80-22-60


  1. The exact terms and conditions also bind agencies, venues, and corporate CLIENT.
  2. Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to offer discounts and change prices; however, once the reservation fee has been paid, these will apply only to new customers
  3. Any events booked through a 3rdparty company, i.e. entertainment agency, are subject to a 20% fee increase.
  4. If the booked event is more than 3 hours of travel time from our base, the CLIENT is subject to a 20% higher fee.
  5. Stripe handles all credit/debit card payments.
  6. The full balance must be paid before the date of the booked event, at the latest 14 days before.
  7. If the full balance has not been paid by this date, we will not attend the booked event.
  8. All monies paid will be forfeited, and no refunds will be given.



  1. The DJ


  1. It must be emphasised that Fresh Entertainments cannot guarantee which DJ will perform at the client’s event. Fresh Entertainments will strive to provide the client with their chosen DJ (Fresh Entertainments must be notified of a client’s DJ preference on the booking form, but again, this cannot be guaranteed). Fresh Entertainments are an agency but only provide Fresh Entertainments approved DJ’s that are part of our company.
  2. The CLIENT will be informed four weeks before their event of which DJ will be performing. Any earlier than four weeks means that the DJ selection may be subject to change. Fresh Entertainments decision is final.
  3. One of our DJs is a full-time member of the emergency services.  Usually, four weeks before the CLIENT’S event, Fresh Entertainments can guarantee which DJ will be performing at the CLIENT’S event.  However, the Emergency Services can sometimes reschedule shifts with minimal notice due to public events, etc.  Fresh Entertainments may need to change the CLIENT’S DJ in this instance.  Fresh Entertainments would always notify the CLIENT as soon as possible in this instance.  Fresh Entertainments have never had to substitute the DJ; the CLIENT should know it. 
  4. No refunds or discounts will be given on this basis.
  5. The CLIENT is making a booking with Fresh Entertainments and not a particular DJ.
  6. All our DJ’s are members of the Fresh Entertainments team.


  1. Rehearsals


  1. Should the CLIENT wish for a rehearsal for their ceremony when booking the All-Day Hosting Package/ Ceremony Host Package, there will be an additional charge as this is not included.  Rehearsals are subject to the availability of the entertainer.  


  1. Site Visits


  1. Site visits are not included in any quotes.  If you require Fresh Entertainments to carry out a site visit, please detail this at the time of booking, as there will be an additional charge for this, and it is subject to availability.


  1. CLIENT Issues, Concerns, Grievances 


  1. Should the CLIENT or any guest have any issues, concerns, or grievances with Fresh Entertainments at any time after booking, Fresh Entertainments requests that the CLIENT contact Fresh Entertainments via email in the first instance so that Fresh Entertainments can strive to resolve any problems or issues. 
  2. Please send any emails to [email protected].  Fresh Entertainments will strive to acknowledge the CLIENT’S email within 48 working hours and fully respond to the CLIENT’S email within seven working days.
  3. If the CLIENT or any of the CLIENT’S guests post anything regarding “Fresh” or “Fresh Entertainments” via any social media, online or other media. In that case, Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to demand that the CLIENT or CLIENT’S guests remove any posts immediately. If Fresh Entertainments feels that the CLIENT has breached this term, legal action may be taken, and the booking may be cancelled. 
  4. A further contract may be issued to document any changes made. 


  1. Cancellation by the CLIENT


1. Cancellation of the booking can only be accepted in writing via letter/email.  Non-return of booking form/ contract DOES NOT constitute cancellation.  Should the CLIENT wish to cancel, the CLIENT agrees to be bound by the following scale of charges. 

All initial reservation fees are non-refundable. 


0-12 weeks                13-27 weeks              28 weeks +

100%                     75%                      Reservation Fee

2. If the CLIENT decides to cancel the booking with Fresh Entertainments after the reservation fee has been paid due to a decision made by a third-party source, i.e. the venue, Fresh Entertainments, will not be liable for any refunds whatsoever, and the usual cancellation policy binds the CLIENT.


  1. Force Majeure


Force Majeure – Fresh Entertainments shall not be liable or responsible to the CLIENT, nor be deemed to have defaulted or breached this agreement, for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this agreement when and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Fresh Entertainments including, without limitation, sickness, acts of God, flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, governmental actions, war, invasion or hostilities (whether war is declared or not), terrorist threats or acts riot, or other civil unrest, national emergency, revolution, insurrection, epidemic, pandemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not related to either party’s workforce), or restraints or delays affecting carriers or inability or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable materials, materials or telecommunication breakdown or power outage.


If you have to change your booked event date due to COVID or similar pandemics, we will gladly move your booked date at no extra charge and payment dates will move with the change of date. If you, the CLIENT, wish to cancel, please refer to the cancellation scale of charges and the non-refundable reservation fee. If any date changes to the CLIENT’s arranged date, the contract will automatically transfer to the new date and apply to the new date. Where Government regulations regarding COVID-19 are in effect on the booked date, any refund of monies will have deductions due to administration charges. This is classified as reasonable costs. 


  1. Photobooths


  1. The client will arrange for an appropriate space to be made available for Photobooths at the event venue. A minimum floor area of 3m x 3m is required.
  2. The client must ensure that the spelling of the names on the Photo Booth and/or prints, is correct at the commencement of the booking. Fresh Entertainments is not liable after the booth booking starts.
  3. Fresh Entertainments is not liable for any effects on photo quality due to the overhead lighting operated by the venue.
  4. Any logos/graphics the client requires to be used on the prints/booth must be uploaded in PNG format no more than 14 days before the event.
  5. If we are not informed of any design requirement before the booked event, the couple’s/company name and wedding date will be printed with a suitable design of our choice. 
  6. If there is not adequate space to set up our equipment for the photo booth, we are not liable should the hire not proceed.
  7. Fresh Entertainments do not provide any props/backdrops.
  8. Fresh Entertainments can source props, at the client’s expense and will be the client’s to keep at the conclusion of events.
  9. Our props that are provided with bookings are virtual and are included at no extra cost. 
  10. Fresh Entertainments is not liable for any technical errors outwith their control. 
  11. All of our photo booths are open and not provided with any backdrops.
  12. All our packages, unless stated, are for three hours, commencing at the start of your event.  


  1. Changing Packages


  1. If the CLIENT wishes to increase their package, they will be quoted at current prices.  All quotes are valid for 30 days.
  2. If the CLIENT has booked a package with Fresh Entertainments, including other services, for example, from Fresh Entertainments, and the CLIENT wishes to cancel any additional services. In that case, the CLIENT will lose the non-refundable reservation fee, and full standard charges will apply for any services the CLIENT still wants to use. There will be no discounts offered.  


  1. Changing of Date of Hire/ Venue


  1. If the CLIENT requests to change the date of hire of Fresh Entertainments, this will only be possible (subject to availability) when requested by 12 weeks before the hire date. 
  2. If the CLIENT changes the venue for the hire of Fresh Entertainments, this will be subject to access, parking & any travel charges.  Fresh Entertainments must be notified at least 12 weeks before the hire date.



  1. Cancellation/ Termination of Hire by Fresh Entertainments


  1. It is the Client’s responsibility to supervise their guests adequately at their event. All bookings are taken on the understanding that the venue has the necessary music, entertainment, and alcohol licenses.  Fresh Entertainments are not responsible if the venue breaches the terms of the license. 
  2. Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may delay or prevent Fresh Entertainments from attending the CLIENT’S event; these may include but are not limited to traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness, or equipment failure.   (We have never had any of these issues, and we have never let a client down)
  3. If Fresh Entertainments cannot attend or fulfil the CLIENT’s hire due to events out of Fresh Entertainments’ control, Fresh Entertainments will contact the CLIENT or the venue as soon as possible.  In these instances, Fresh Entertainments’ liability will be limited to refunding monies paid, excluding the reservation fee.
  4. Fresh Entertainments will attempt to provide a substitute DJ if possible, but Fresh Entertainments cannot guarantee this.  If a replacement DJ is provided, no money will be refunded.
  5. No monies will be refunded if Fresh Entertainments cannot attend the CLIENT’S event due to severe weather conditions.
  6. Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible for equipment failure during an event.  Fresh Entertainments carry some backup equipment but need a backup for every eventuality.  In the event of equipment failure, Fresh Entertainments will endeavour to commence the hire again as soon as possible. If this is not possible, Fresh Entertainments will refund the CLIENT for lost hire time, excluding the reservation fee and any time that Fresh Entertainments was operating at the event.   (We have never experienced equipment failure at an event.)
  7. Fresh Entertainments retains the right to cancel the entertainment and give no refund should Fresh Entertainments discover that the venue is unsuitable or that access is not allowed or is dangerous in any way to anyone connected to the entertainment; however, Fresh Entertainments will not incur any liability for non-appearance. 
  8. The CLIENT warrants that they are entitled to use the venue for the event and that the performance/ event does not breach any law, by-law or conditions imposed on the property. 
  9. Licences for the performance of recorded music are only required at public events. In most cases, private parties, such as wedding receptions, birthdays, etc., which are invitation only and attract no entrance fee, do not require a licence.  It is the CLIENT’S responsibility to obtain any such licences if needed. 
  10. Should Fresh Entertainments be prevented from performing due to the absence of any appropriate licence or similar permission, or should the performance be cancelled for any other reason, Fresh Entertainments will terminate the hire, and no refund will be given.
  11. Fresh Entertainments is not responsible for any power failure at the venue.  
  12. If the CLIENT breaks the contract arrangements after paying the deposit, Fresh Entertainments may be forced to cancel the booking, and no refund will be given. 
  13. Fresh Entertainments will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour to our staff before or during the hire.  Fresh Entertainments is within its right to terminate the hire if this occurs.  Fresh Entertainments provides a service to the CLIENT and their guests and therefore feels that our staff should be treated respectfully. 
  14. Fresh Entertainments is also within its right to terminate a hire if it feels that any equipment or property belonging to Fresh Entertainments is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to unacceptable behaviour from the CLIENT/ CLIENT’S guests. 
  15. In any instances where Fresh Entertainments feels there is a need to terminate the hire, Fresh Entertainments will always endeavour to speak with the CLIENT, if possible, to resolve the matter before terminating. The total hire cost is still payable if Fresh Entertainments must terminate the hire for the above reasons.
  16. If Fresh Entertainments is booked to appear at a charity event & has offered a reduced rate of the booking price if Fresh Entertainments discovers the event is, in fact, not for charity & is a party or wedding, etc., the hire will be terminated unless full standard payment is made in cash at the time.
  17. Fresh Entertainments has different pricing for events.  Depending on the event, there is often more planning in the lead-up to various events or more work required at the hire.  If Fresh Entertainments is booked for an event & finds out before the event that it is for a different occasion, full standard package payment will be necessary to proceed with the hire.  If this is discovered at the event, the hire of Fresh Entertainments will be terminated unless full standard payment is made in cash.  (e.g. if Fresh Entertainments is booked for a party & Fresh Entertainments discovers it is, in fact, a wedding)
  18. Any refunds will be made to the CLIENT within 72 hours of the advised refund.


  1. Online Planner 


  1. The online planner will be set up once the contract has been signed.  Log-in details will be sent via email.
  2. The online planner is an effective tool to help Fresh Entertainments get to know the CLIENT; therefore, the CLIENT MUST complete all the necessary information.
  3. The online planner is for suggested song requests and is not a set playlist.  Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to use its professional judgement to play the music it believes will encourage the Client’s guests to dance.
  4. Fresh Entertainments does not own the planner software and cannot control its functionality if it is offline for maintenance.
  5. The online planner must be completed online; Fresh Entertainments will not accept the planner if it has been printed off and handwritten.
  6. All information and music requests for the CLIENT’S function will be required no later than four weeks before the hire date, as the online planner automatically closes at this time.  Failure to complete the online planner by this time will result in Fresh Entertainments selecting the CLIENT’S first dance, this will be chosen based on the most popular first dance choice from our couples, and the CLIENT’S last dance will be Loch Lomond.  No details or music requests will be accepted via email.  Therefore, the CLIENT’S DJ will select all music for the celebration.
  7. For Weddings – At this stage, Fresh Entertainments will organise a phone call between the DJ and the CLIENT to discuss the online planner and entertainment. Fresh Entertainments can organise a Zoom call with the CLIENT’S DJ.  A phone call will not be organised if the planner has not been completed.
  8. Should the CLIENT wish to meet with their DJ, Fresh Entertainments will organise this (subject to availability).  A maximum 1-hour meeting will be arranged near the Fresh Entertainments base in Renfrew.  A meeting will only be organised if the planner has been completed.
  9. Fresh Entertainments will only send one email to organise a phone call/ meeting.  It is the CLIENT’S responsibility to reply to the email.  Failure to reply promptly to organise a phone call/ meeting with the CLIENT’S DJ may result in this not being possible due to the DJ having other events, work commitments, etc



  1.      Venue Location 


  1. The CLIENT must ensure all venue address details, including a full postcode, are correct. 
  2. Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible for errors or delays resulting from incorrect or missing address details.
  3. If the venue is located within a “Low Emission Zone”, then the charge for this will be incorporated into the price and paid by the client.
  4. If any element of the booking is outside, the client must ensure that adequate power and cover/protection are provided to Fresh Entertainments. Fresh Entertainments will have the final decision as to whether they can perform outside due to weather, location, and power.
  5. Travel charges will apply if the venue is more than 30 miles from our location (PA40TH).
  6. If the venue is more than 2 hours from our location (PA40TH), overnight accommodation will be required, and the client must provide this at their expense. 
  7.     If Fresh Entertainments is booked for an all-day hire package, and the venue is more than 2 hours from our location, overnight accommodation will be required to accommodate the DJ for the previous evening to facilitate the earlier start time on the event day.
  8. If the venue is more than 3 hours from our location (PA40TH), fees will be subject to a 20% increase on all packages, and overnight accommodation will be required to accommodate the DJ


  1. Access and Parking at the Venue


  1. The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring access for Fresh Entertainments to unload and load at the venue. This includes parking for Fresh Entertainments vehicles during unloading/loading. In the instance that the only parking for access is restricted parking, the client will be liable for any parking fines that may occur. 
  2. The CLIENT must also provide parking spaces for Fresh Entertainments vehicles during the entire time Fresh Entertainments is onsite; any parking charges are the Client’s responsibility.


  1. Set-up of Services


  1. Fresh Entertainments will require adequate setting up time before the performance and a sufficient period to dismantle and remove equipment from the venue afterwards. The time required depends on the package selected (at least 1 hour).
  2. Fresh Entertainments will strive to set up by the time arranged; however, this depends on when Fresh Entertainments can access the function room.
  3. The hire period will commence and end as per the agreed time on the booking form/contract. 
  4. The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that the venue has agreed for Fresh Entertainments to attend at their venue at the agreed time.
  5. It is not the responsibility of Fresh Entertainments to move guests/ furniture to gain space for Fresh Entertainments setup.  
  6. If there is insufficient space for Fresh Entertainments to set up, the CLIENT will be charged the full hire amount even if the set-up is reduced.
  7. The CLIENT is responsible for informing Fresh Entertainments of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer, including stairs, a long distance from the unloading area to the set-up area, etc. If Fresh Entertainments is unaware of these and the set-up takes longer than usual, the hire period will be used as part of the set-up period.
  8. Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to refuse hire where unreasonable access is given to the area intended to site the disco. 
  9. Fresh Entertainments equipment is heavy and requires easy access to the site. Excess stairs or distance may only be allowed if Fresh Entertainments is informed when booking; monies will be refunded.  Suppose the set-up area is off-ground level & the CLIENT has informed Fresh Entertainments that there is lift access. In that case, the lift must then be available on the date of hire, or Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to refuse set up due to the weight of the equipment & increased set up/ dismantle time not being manageable without an additional staff member; no monies will be refunded.  Please check with your venue. 
  10. If Fresh Entertainments is not ready to commence at the agreed time due to Fresh Entertainments, Fresh Entertainments will give the CLIENT the agreed hire period by extending the finishing time of the hire (where possible/if allowed by the venue). 
  11. If the hire does not start at the agreed time as setup has been delayed due to either the venue not allowing access on time or the CLIENT’S events running, the hire will still end as per the agreed time on the booking form and contract.
  12. Fresh Entertainments will require access to a properly earthed mains electricity supply, sufficient to allow safe usage of the equipment necessary for the performance. If the set-up area is inadequate, the equipment amount may be reduced. Suppose Fresh Entertainments considers that the electricity supply or any other aspect of the event is unsafe. In that case, Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to refuse to start or continue the performance after consultation with the CLIENT, where possible.  No monies will be refunded.
  13. Idle hours, where Fresh Entertainments are required to be in place early or stay late due to traffic/movement constraints; the CLIENT will be charged at a rate per hour; please inform Fresh Entertainments at the time of booking to discuss the extra charges.
  14. START TIME – Fresh Entertainments will commence entertainment at 8 pm for Premier/Elite/Saxophone packages. Fresh Entertainments commence All Day Hosting & DJ packages at 1 pm. Starting earlier than contracted times are subject to additional costs. 
  15. FINISH TIME – Fresh Entertainments will only play until midnight. If the CLIENT wishes to continue beyond midnight until 1 am, the fee will be charged at £200 per hour. This is at the sole discretion of the DJ.
  16.   Fresh Entertainment is not liable if the venue finishes the wedding breakfast earlier than anticipated and there is a considerable wait before the commencement of the night’s entertainment. Fresh Entertainment will commence at the agreed time on the contract.


  1. Over-running of Events


  1. For any events where the Client’s events are over-run, it will be at the discretion of Fresh Entertainments staff whether they can continue to host/DJ/ provide entertainment/ services beyond the agreed time.
  2. If Fresh Entertainments continues beyond the agreed time, the CLIENT must pay Fresh Entertainments staff member cash to extend the booking times. 
  3. In some instances (corporate events), the CLIENT may be able to be invoiced for the remaining time that Fresh Entertainments has had to remain on site.  This must be paid within seven days.  Fees will be calculated proportionally to the original quote (please ask for details if you are concerned your event may be over-run).  



  1. Interaction


  1. All Fresh Entertainments DJs are interactive to ensure everyone enjoys the CLIENT’S event.  
  2. An empty dance floor will reflect poorly on our DJs, so they will use their expertise to encourage guests onto the dance floor using their professional judgement and interactive techniques. We want you to have fantastic memories of your event.


  1. Mood Lighting (if applicable)


  1. If the CLIENT has booked mood lighting separately or as part of a package, Fresh Entertainments requests that the CLIENT informs Fresh Entertainments of the chosen colour(s) booking form.
  2. Fresh Entertainments will use professional discretion to decide on the number of mood lights installed in the CLIENT’S venue to give the best overall effect.  
  3. If there are limited plug sockets in the function room, Fresh Entertainments will use extension leads, where possible, to ensure that the mood lighting creates an overall effect.  The CLIENT must be aware that there are occasions where there may be limited mood lights installed, i.e., lots of doors/windows in a function room.
  4. If Fresh Entertainments deems that there needs to be more room to set up mood lighting, i.e., there are many tables/ chairs against the walls, Fresh Entertainments will discuss this with the CLIENT.  No refund of monies will be given if mood lighting cannot be set up due to lack of space.
  5. Fresh Entertainments cannot be responsible if the CLIENT’S guests move/switch off mood lights.


  1. Name Projector (if applicable)


  1. At the time of booking, the CLIENTS are responsible for informing Fresh Entertainments of the wording and design on the gobo for the name projector.
  2. For the best results from the projector, Fresh Entertainments would recommend projecting onto the floor, sizeable clear wall or ceiling.  Fresh Entertainments can only be held responsible if the projector is displayed due to uneven surfaces.  Fresh Entertainments will not refund monies due to limited display.


  1. Dancing on the Clouds (if applicable)


  1. Fresh Entertainments will purchase the dry ice capsules for the dry ice machine.  Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible, and there will be no refund of monies if there is a lack of dry ice produced from the dry ice machine, as it is a chemical reaction that takes place to create the Dancing on the Clouds effect.  
  2. The CLIENT and their guests ensure no guests/ children run through the dry ice effect.  Fast movements through the effect will disperse the dry ice quickly and ruin the overall effect.









  1. Additional Services Hire


  1. Any additional service Fresh Entertainments provides, including mood lighting hire, dancing on the clouds, video memory displays, name projectors, etc., are bound by the same terms and conditions as they are part of Fresh Entertainments equipment.
  2. The CLIENT must be aware that we would use a third-party company to hire LED dance floors & LOVE letters; however, the terms and conditions of Fresh Entertainments are still applicable when hiring such items.


  1. Christmas Parties


  1. If Fresh Entertainments equipment is set up and left in position for more than one night, the CLIENT is responsible for the security of the equipment (please see Damage/ Loss of the Equipment section below).
  2. The CLIENT and the CLIENT’S staff must not touch any of Fresh Entertainments’ equipment unless authorised by Fresh Entertainments.
  3. The CLIENT will provide adequate supervision/ security to protect Fresh Entertainments equipment and staff during the events while Fresh Entertainments equipment is in situ.


  1. Refreshments


  1. Where Fresh Entertainments is hired for more than 4 hours, Fresh Entertainments must be provided with refreshments by the CLIENT, i.e., sandwiches from the buffet and soft drinks.
  2. Where Fresh Entertainments has been hired for the All-Day Hosting Package, Fresh Entertainments requires a meal paid for by the CLIENT, i.e., a bar meal, soft drinks, or a main course from the wedding breakfast.


  1. Music


  1. Fresh Entertainments can not guarantee to have songs requested before the hire and on the night. 
  2. The online planner is for suggested song requests and is not a set playlist.  Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to use its professional judgement to play the music it believes will encourage the Client’s guests to dance.  
  3. Fresh Entertainments will not play any song they deem unsuitable or encourage hostility to ourselves or guests at the booked event. 
  4. For ceremony music (processional, signing of the register and recessional songs), clients must provide Fresh Entertainments with the required songs they wish to be played 14 days before. If not provided, Fresh Entertainments will not be responsible for the song choices and will play the most popular songs.
  5. For drinks reception and wedding breakfast music, Fresh Entertainments will utilise playlists either provided by the client or using our expertise and playing predetermined playlists. Fresh Entertainments does not DJ at this time and provides sound/music and microphones during the wedding breakfast.





  1. Microphones


  1. Fresh Entertainments reserves the right to refuse the CLIENT or the CLIENT’S guests to use the microphone for anything other than speeches when booked with the All-Day Hosting Package.
  2. Any damage to microphones by guests and/or CLIENT, will be the responsibility of the CLIENT to replace.


  1. Sound Limiter


  1. CLIENT must inform Fresh Entertainments if the venue has a sound limiter.  
  2. Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible for the lack of volume or the music ceasing for periods due to the restrictions of the sound limiter.
  3. Any interruptions to the sound/music caused by the sound limiter cutting the power are no grounds for complaints/monies due back and are not the responsibility of Fresh Entertainments.
  4. If any property of Fresh Entertainments is damaged due to the sound limiter, the replacement/repair costs are to be met by the CLIENT.


  1. Duration of Hire


  1. All Day Hire packages commence at 1 pm and finish at midnight.
  2. Evening entertainment commences at 8 pm and finishes at midnight
  3. Earlier/later times are subject to additional charges.
  4. All Fresh Entertainments bookings end at midnight at any venue unless discussed at the time of booking; there will be an additional charge for any extension of playing time. 


  1. Safety at the venue


  1. The CLIENT must supervise their guests, customers and staff at the venue and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the equipment, vehicles, or personal belongings.
  2. Children must be supervised at all times and are not the responsibility of Fresh Entertainments.  Fresh Entertainments is not responsible for children’s safety and is not liable for any injury caused due to negligence of relevant supervision.
  3. Fresh Entertainments cannot be held responsible for children, guests or the other staff at the venue being hurt or damaging clothes when near or touching any part of Fresh Entertainments equipment.  


  1. Damage/Loss of the Equipment


  1. If, for any reason, Fresh Entertainments equipment gets damaged or stolen during the hire period or at the conclusion by the CLIENT or one of the CLIENT’S guests, it will be the Client’s responsibility to meet the cost of repairing/replacing Fresh Entertainments missing equipment. The cost of this will be the RRP for a new replacement.
  2. If any equipment becomes damaged and affects the services, the hire will be terminated as per the termination section above.
  3. If any of Fresh Entertainments’ equipment goes missing during the CLIENTS event, the Client will be responsible for recovering or meeting the cost of repairing/replacing Fresh Entertainments equipment. 
  4. The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that all booked services will not damage any items at the venue/owned by 3rdparty suppliers. If any booked items, i.e., pyrotechnics, cause damage to any items not owned by Fresh Entertainments, then the CLIENT will meet any cost of repairs/replacement. Any items that will be near the Fresh Entertainments set up area and risk becoming damaged, Fresh Entertainments must be advised of before the commencement of the booked time. 
  5. In the likely occurrence of Fresh Entertainments damaging any items belonging to 3rdparty suppliers or the venue, Fresh Entertainments will only replace like for like. They will only pay what is necessary. We will source the items and replace them or source the repair ourselves.
  6. If Fresh Entertainments organises third-party services through itself, it is not liable for anything caused by the third party.
  7. For any damage caused by third-party providers to property/venue/equipment, Fresh Entertainments is not responsible or liable for such events. The venue/supplier will deal directly with the third party provider and not involve Fresh Entertainments.


  1. Use of Photos/Videos by Fresh Entertainments


  1. By booking Fresh Entertainments for your event, the CLIENT agrees that Fresh Entertainments may use any of the photographs/videos taken during the hire of Fresh Entertainments and their guests for any suitable means; this includes but is not limited to advertising and promotional material, advertising or for any other purpose either in print or on the internet.  
  2. In hiring Fresh Entertainments, the CLIENT must inform their guests of the above. Therefore, Fresh Entertainments will assume that all the CLIENT’S guests have granted such permission.  
  3. Fresh Entertainments may upload the photographs taken by Fresh Entertainments to Facebook, Twitter, social media, and our company websites. 
  4. If the CLIENT wishes to opt out of this, they ensure it is written in the additional comments section on the booking form.


  1. Destination Weddings


  1.   The Client is responsible for arranging suitable equipment for their destination wedding.
  2.   Fresh Entertainments requires return flights from Glasgow/Edinburgh, suitable accommodation and food near the venue paid for by the client.
  3.   The client must provide Car Hire and fuel (if required). 
  4.   The client is responsible for providing complete venue information.
33. Saxophone Package/Enhancement
   1.   We can not guarantee the Saxophone player’s availability until we confirm with them initially.
   2.   We can not guarantee the Saxophone player, but it will be one of a professional standard.
   3.   If the CLIENT wishes the Saxophone player to play their “Power Hour” at night, they will have to book the Saxophone/DJ Package.
   4.   CLIENT’s can not book the Saxophone enhancement for the “Power Hour” evening section. 
   5.   Unless previously specified via the online planner, we can not guarantee particular genres of music and/or individual songs. 
   6.   If no music has been requested for the drinks reception, the Saxophone player will play a pre-set playlist.
   7.   No refunds whatsoever will be given to CLIENT in regards to Saxophone player.


Quick Answers

This page is designed to answer our most frequently asked questions.  If you email a question and the answer is here or on your booking form/contract, you will be referred to check for the answer.

Office Hours – Monday-Thursday 10 am-5 pm, Friday 10 am-3 pm and we are closed Saturday & Sunday due to weddings & events.  We are often involved in corporate events during the week but will reply as soon as possible.

Set Up Time – We require at least 1 hour to set up equipment and the same to dismantle.

Start Time – For Premier/Elite/Saxophone, we commence at 8 pm, and All-Day Hosting & DJ commence at 1 pm

Finish Time – All packages finish at midnight

*Reservation fee – The reservation fee is non-refundable.

Full Payment – Must be received by four weeks before the hire date.

Bank details for payments are-


Account Name: Fresh Entertainments Scotland Ltd.

Account Number: 12221064

Sort Code: 80-22-60


If you are making any payments to our account, we must be emailed so that we can confirm receipt & update our records.

Payment – Should the CLIENT wish to cancel, the CLIENT agrees to be bound by the following scale of charges: 


0-12 weeks                      13-27 weeks                    28 weeks +

100%                              75%                     Reservation Fee


Online Planner (For Weddings & Adult Parties) – The online planner MUST be completed online four weeks before the hire date. This is your commitment to your event, and only with this information can we ensure that your entertainment is how you want it to be.  Failure to complete the online planner by this time will result in Fresh Entertainments selecting the CLIENT’S first dance, this will be chosen based on the most popular first dance choice from our couples, and the CLIENT’S last dance will be Loch Lomond.  


Music Requests – Please consider that music you like to sing along to in the car or whilst cleaning the house may not necessarily be great for the dance floor.  Music requests are only requests and are not a set playlist.  You have booked an experienced DJ; let them use their knowledge and skills to read the dance floor and play music to get your guests dancing.


Notification of DJ – 4 weeks before the hire date, we will notify you who your DJ will be via email.


Wedding Client Meetings – We can facilitate an online Zoom/phone call to discuss the online planner and their entertainment.  At least four weeks before your wedding, we will contact you to organise for the DJ to call you to discuss the online planner and finer details.  Should you wish to meet the DJ, we will organise this (subject to availability) at our base in Renfrew.  


Travel Charges/Accommodation – Bookings are subject to a travel charge should the venue be more than 30 miles from Renfrew, and accommodation/extra charges will be required if the venue is at least more than 2 hours away


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0141 478 0239

Mobile: 07397 901779



Terms & conditions updated 19/06/23