COVID-19 Playlist

It seems like months have now passed since we were performing at Airth Castle for, what we didn’t realise could have been our last 2020 wedding! In the days after their wedding, things were happening quickly in the city and

Covid-19 aka Corona Virus

CORONA VIRUS STATEMENT Dear Clients, Just a quick note of calm from Stuart, owner of Fresh Entertainments In a climate of continuing uncertainty and conflicting knowledge, I wanted to make a brief statement about our approach to the current Pandemic

Understanding Your Wedding Processional

Understanding Your Wedding Processional Order Planning for your wedding day means learning a lot about traditions and practices you may never have known before. One common question we get is what the proper processional order is for the ceremony. Let

Wedding Trends for 2020

Can you believe its nearly the end of 2019 and that means Christmas is around the corner! OMG!! Wedding plans will still be ongoing but what are the trends for 2020? 1.  Floral Invitations.  “For invitations, we are seeing floral