The new “normal” – COIVD weddings 2021

The start of a new year and 2021 has begun with another lockdown. Lockdown across the UK has resulted in weddings and civil ceremonies/partnerships being very different with several restrictions in place.

Wedding ceremonies are still allowed to take place in England but they come with strict rules and can only take place in exceptional circumstances. Wedding receptions however are not allowed in any part of the UK.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister has said he has “hope and belief” that both mass testing and the introduction of the vaccination will result in couples able to get married “in the normal way” by Summer 2022.

What are the wedding rules around the UK?

It seems like a long time ago that very tough restrictions were placed upon wedding ceremonies during the first national lockdown that began 23rd March 2020. Since then there have been various changes to this along the way.

Currently, due to the latest lockdown, the regulations in place by law are that weddings are currently not allowed to take place anywhere in the UK, this is much stricter than previously.

However, there are some exceptions to this:

In England, weddings and civil partnership ceremonies should only take place in exceptional circumstances, for example, due to one of the couple being terminal ill/ receiving palliative care. In this instance, 6 people can attend and this does not include those who work at the place in which the ceremony will be conducted.

In Scotland, wedding ceremonies can take place in approved venues. The maximum number of attendees is determined by the building’s capacity, this is based on social distancing guidelines being adhered to and each venue will differ slightly.

In Northern Ireland, up to 25 people can attend a ceremony; although events with more than 15 people do require a risk assessment. As well as this, guests must wear face masks.

For further detailed information on the rules in place on weddings; please see the official GOV website

Things to consider if getting married in 2021

Everyone has an image of their perfect day when it comes to getting married and with the current harsh restrictions in place, there are various things to think about. If you cannot have the day you dreamed of with the current regulations the best option would be to postpone, rather than cancel.

Planning a wedding online for any couple can be very stressful without the pandemic to contend with throwing things up in the air. With so much uncertainty suppliers want to work with couples to ensure that they can have the day they always dreamed of.

Many wedding based suppliers have had their livelihoods turned upside down with no indication as to when they will be able to return, causing financial uncertainty and the possibility that the business may, unfortunately, be struck by the pandemic and be forced to close forever.

It is a very challenging time for all involved. However, supporting wedding suppliers during these times and making plans for the future will be the key to create a wedding day to remember. Enabling businesses to continue to provide their services with years of knowledge and experience in the industry to ensure that you have the perfect day.

All companies in the wedding industry have faced a very turbulent year and suffered huge financial loses but still want to help ensure your wedding is magical. Therefore, contact them and discuss worries and concerns and they will be happy to provide possible options to suit everyone.

For example, if the wedding was a Saturday or in peak season and the venue cannot offer an equivalent date that you are happy with. Then possible options would be a reduction in remaining fee for a different date or an upgrade, as a thank you for custom and to add a little something extra to the day.