Well, the end of the restrictions appears to be in sight. It has been a long, long road, one that we never wish to go down again. Overall, everyone’s health and safety is the most important thing.
We have really missed weddings and events but we are dusting down our equipment and getting things ready for starting up again.
Sorry if some of the slides are a bit ‘wordy’ too – there’s a lot to explain.
Hopefully, most of these should be clear to follow but the most complicated part is probably marquees & garden weddings.
Essentially your garden is classed as a private dwelling & in a private dwelling you are stuck with numbers for gatherings, with no exception for weddings there, which really sucks for anyone who has planned a garden wedding.
Please remember we’re just passing on the information & don’t actually make the rules.
We’ll update the Wedding ‘Ceremony’ Guidance through the week when we know more about what changes are planned.