Wedding Trends 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020

Can you believe its nearly the end of 2019 and that means Christmas is around the corner! OMG!!

Wedding plans will still be ongoing but what are the trends for 2020?

1.  Floral Invitations.  “For invitations, we are seeing floral borders, watercolor artwork, gold foil, with brush/hand script names.” – Cassie of Arabella Papers,

2.  Rose Gold Jewelry.  “This season we are noticing a real trend for rose gold wedding rings.  Below is one of our more popular designs featuring alternating baguette & round cut diamonds in rubover milgrain settings.” – Stuart of

3.  Classic Yet Still Sexy Gowns.  “Our fashion brides are going back to classic, simple, but still sexy.  Less is More.” –  Pattie Lamantia of The Wedding Shoppe

4.  Simple Dresses with Dramatic Veils.  “We are seeing more and more of our brides going for simple dresses with just the most beautiful silk veils that float and fly, framing the dress and creating timeless elegance.” – Gillian of

5.  Non-Traditional Seating Arrangements.  “No stiff, uncomfortable folding chairs at this wedding. High-backed, overstuffed couches and lounge chairs are in style here. These beautiful pieces create a feeling of style while encouraging guests to sit and be comfortable while waiting. You’ll feel like you’re in the Queen’s parlor room. There is plenty of legroom for guests to linger after the ceremony and share a toast with the bride and groom.” – K’Mich Weddings and Events

6.  Sustainable Weddings.  “Bespoke sustainable weddings are all the rage! Couples are looking for weddings with more options so they can compare and be different from the rest.. They do not want to do their parents’ wedding. They wish to be a trend among friends!” – José Levy, CEO at  Photo Credit: FotoClip

7.  Unique Dishes.  “Pastel Stoneware is a new bridal trend.  We just came out with this item this week.  We call in Jaipur after the Pink City in India.” – Mary Noble of

8.  Bohemian Touches.  “We will be seeing a lot of boho with personal touches that are unique to the clients.  Mixed metals (copper and glass is still huge), mixed lanterns and textures to create a visual interest and story.” – Erin of

9.  Nature Themes Juxtaposed With Translucent Furniture.  “It’s looking like the wedding trend of 2020 in our area is rustic, green and white weddings (no colourful flowers) – lots of nature themes!” – Mosteiro de Landim of
10.  Green Installations.  “We are getting lots of requests to support hanging floral arrangements — hanging boxes of overflowing flowers/greenery or suspended hula hoop type florals that hang from the top of tents.” – Nora Foster of Lakes Region Tent & Event

11.  Gorgeous Flower Arrangements.  “Receptions will include a variety of gorgeous floral arrangements mixed in with greenery installations…WOW factor!” – Kara and Hank of
13.  Sleeker Designs.  “The brides for the coming season are trending away from the burlap and wood look to a sleeker design.  I am seeing more requests for white, gold or silver linens, simple yet elegant centerpieces and simple ceiling treatments of just bistro lighting and wall washes in soft white or amber.  The 2020 brides want that classic elegant look.” – Teri Anderson of The Noteworthy Event

14.  Olive Branches & More Thoughtful Table Settings.  “More thought is put into table settings, type of flowers, etc.  One of my recent weddings had olive branches and leaves as a theme.  Each plate was surrounded by an olive branch, and the cake was surrounded by them as well.” – Leslie Pippin of

15.  Sensible Footwear.  “One thing we have noticed is that savvy brides are now bringing a pair of sensible but pretty footwear for their photo sessions after the ceremony.  Something cute, but easy to get around in” – Mitch of

16.  Signing Legal Papers In Front of Everyone.  “In the old days couples would be married in the church or a pretty spot & then go into some little room & sign the legal documents. I learned in short order that signing in front of everyone has given the opportunity for many people to be witnesses of this part too!  My photographers love it- as it’s always beautiful & gives them great shots, help’s the coordinator’s as they are not having to round up anyone for the signing too!  Also, the couple walks down the aisle and they have completed this part & can move on to the party or further photos!” – Montana of

17.  Man Caves.  “We are seeing venues with groomsmen rooms or “get ready” rooms for guys that feels like home.” – Allison Parker of

18.  More of  That Wow Factor.  “Dancing on a cloud has become a hot trend.” – Cav. Francesco DiCianni of

19.  Fun Favors.  “Right now I’m seeing a huge increase in custom wine and champagne labels.  The labels are being used for wedding and shower favors, and even sent as part of the invitation.” – Tina Wexler of BestWelcomeBags

20.  Flower Preservation.  “A trend for preserved wedding flowers that we are seeing and loving is a pavé style keepsake! It’s clean, simple, and totally in right now!” – Lauri of