When designing jewellery, the sky is the limit for colour choices, stones, shapes and overall design. But just like a cherry on a sundae or the star on the top of a Christmas tree, no outfit is complete without jewellery.

We would start with choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses. Take your Chief Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour with you to help you decide because there are usually more choices of bridesmaid dresses than there are Wedding gowns in the shops and boutiques. This will help you get some feedback on what will work for all of the girls, and she can also try some of them since they usually look very different on a person than they do on the rack.

Once you have decided, make sure that you get a swatch of the fabric to have a proper reference to the colour of the gowns. We would not recommend trying to match the tones in the jewellery by memory, especially if you’d like to go with a similar colour scheme. This simple, and not to mention free, the tip will make life much easier in the long run.

The next thing you will need to consider is what sort of stones you would like your girls to wear on the big day. There are many choices for this subject; you can go with semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls or even just a simple pendant on a satin cord. The best place to start is with the style of the dresses, taking into consideration the colour and the cut of the dress itself.

Then you can decide if you’d like to go with one type and shape of stone, for example, crystals or pearls, you can have a single strand, or you can also go with a layered look of two or three strands the same stone. We find this very practical, and it is also nice because if you go with a necklace and bracelet of a more straightforward design, your girls will get much more use out of them in the future.

Suppose you are having trouble finding something that will compliment your dresses closely, donít worry. In that case, we find that if you go with a monochromatic scheme and put several shades together that are in the same family, it will give you a little more interest in the jewellery, and you donít have to be so concerned with having a perfect match. You can view a sampling of Swarovski Crystal colours using a Swarovski Crystal colour chart. Also, don’t be afraid to consider other colour options when working with hues in this manner. For example, you may find that with a pale green dress, shades of citrine or yellow topaz will look very nice, or even shades of blue. It all depends on the undertones in the fabric.

The last thing to consider is the shapes of the stones that you wish to use. For a very feminine and classic look, you could go with a single size, like tiny pearls on layered strings. Or you may want to go with several shapes and sizes that, when put together, will make a pattern and create some interest like a Swarovski Crystal Round and Bicone Necklace; this can be very dramatic or just slight variations in the shapes.